Our sic kiln furniture has many advantages such as high temperature strength, high thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, good oxidation resistance, high softening point under load, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature creep resistance, good wear resistance and stable chemical properties.

In the aspect of kiln lining, our main products in this aspect are diatomaceous earth thermal insulation brick, clay thermal insulation fireproof brick, ordinary high aluminum thermal insulation fireproof brick and vermiculite thermal insulation brick as well as supporting fireproof mud, all kinds of technical indexes completely meet or even better than the national standard.Diatomaceous earth insulation brick has the characteristics of light density, high strength, small thermal conductivity, safe and convenient construction.And clay heat insulation refractory brick is in a traditional clay brick on the basis of the improved formula and firing process, the linear change test temperature from 900 ℃ and 1000 ℃ to 1200 ℃ and 1300 ℃ respectively.We can provide customers with better quality and Cost-effective products, the current domestic market share of products reached more than 25%.

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